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Tournament Breakdown

Glad you could make it! In this section I will breakdown tournament play from scratch. I’m going to assume you’re a new player, and with that being said, Let’s get started.

There are 2 different styles of playing; GPP (guaranteed prize pool) and Cash Games

Our proven betting method is 80% Cash and 20% GPP this is how you want to invest your money

ie. If I’m playing $100…Then $80 of that should be invested in Cash Games & the remaining 20% in GPPS

In GPP style tournaments you need to place top 15-20% in order to profit. So if there are 100 players in a GPP tournament 15-20 of those players will receive a payout. The other 80% will not. This style of tournament allows winners to win a prize 10x their original entry fee…or at minimum, double their entry fees. Now, GPP tournaments can be anywhere between 100-100,000 players. The more players involved in a tournament…The more the guaranteed prize payout will be.

These tournaments are fun and addicting no doubt! It always opens our eyes up… when we see a 1st place cash prize of $100,000 and we hope to be that seedholder. The reality of it is this; You’re going into a tournament where sharks like myself have generated every possible variation of players to cover all grounds. Luckily, Fanduel has set a restriction on the limit of entry’s a single person can enter in the same tournament due to a few lawsuits…And eventually that number will continue to decrease over the remainder of the years. This is called unfair advantages

What is the possibility that you will take down one of those larger format tournaments? Slim to none. Has it happened before? Of course. But in reality it always seems to be those same sharks on the top. In the next section of this article I will show you how to play like the sharks…Meaning, I will give you the tools to increase your odds of taking down a BIG ONE.


This is where the magic happens…These are the tournaments which allows you to increase your bankroll. In cash tournaments, you need to place between 40-50% in order to win a payout.


50/50 Tournamentsallow customers to win 90% of their original investment back

Double Up Tournamentsallow customers to win 100% of their original investment back

Probabilitiesthe extent to which something is probable; the likelihood of something happening.

In 50/50/double ups, the higher the amount of registered players increases your chances of placing top 50% using our lineups. We build our lineups to place in these style tournaments. 

I’ve learned that between $2-$10 entry fee’s…the playing field is watered down from sharks. Most sharks play in tournaments between $10-$25. So if you can avoid swimming with them…Then you’re in an overall solid place to play.