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Bankroll Management 101

In this section I will teach you betting methods to residually grow your bankroll into the thousands…

Most sharks won’t tell you this information because they never want a level playing field. However, here at DFDL I’ll give you the information to help you become successful….and it all starts with MANAGEMENT

Every successful player has a starting investment in which they gradually grow….The first thing you need to ask your self before you start gambling is the following:

  1. Can I afford to lose the money I’m willing to play?
  2. How many consecutive losses can I take before I’m tapped out of funds?
  3. How much financial backing am I willing to invest to redeposit in my account?

First and foremost…You need to be able to review you’re financial situation. A lot of DFS players assume that the lineups we provide are going to make them rich quick. So they tend to play heavy after their first couple wins using our picks…The biggest downfall about that…Is that I have to hear about them complaining on the 4th day we didn’t cash…3 wins and 1 loss should ALWAYS keep you afloat. Nothing is more annoying to me…than hearing sob stories. Remember our lineups are made to compete in the 5050//Double up style tournaments…Nothing is EVER guaranteed.

With that being said…Let me give you an example of a new player…Who follows our guide.

                 New Player (questions shown above)

  1. Yes, $100 starting
  2. 5 consecutive losses
  3. I have another $500 in the bank to possibly invest

100 / 5 = 20 daily limit

This allows you to play up to 5 consecutive days.

Which is the same style I recommend to everyone

So if you have $20 to start off with…We recommend the 80//20 rules…Which means 80% of your entry fee’s should be played in 5050//double ups ($2-$10 tournaments) and the remaining 20% should be invested in large GPP tournaments (Between 500-100,000 players)

.80  X $20 = $16 in cash tournaments…The remaining $4 should then be plugged into GPP tournaments.

You can use the same formula above after you accumulate your daily limit

We choose this formula because it is EASIER to place top 50% in tournaments than top 15% It’s basic math…Wouldn’t you rather be in a position with higher odds to make money? I’d like to think so…

Lets say for example this customer plays the whole week with us…

  1. day 1   Customer hits 5050/double ups +$16 and places in a GPP +$10 = $26 Bank increase
  2. day 2 customer hits 5050//double ups + $16 and does NOT place in GPPS = $12 Bank increase
  3. day 3 customer hits 5050/double ups +$16 and places in a GP +$10 = $26 Bank increase
  4. day 4 customer MISSES 5050//double ups and does NOT place in GPPS = -$20 LOSS
  5. day 5 customer hits 5050//double ups +$16 anddoes NOT place in GPPS = $12 Bank increase

Total investment $100 Total return $56 Total Fanduel bankroll $156


Once you’ve built your bank up…The next thing you want to do is increase your daily limit. What you then do is take your total bank ($500) and times that by 20% this will give you your new daily limit

$500 x .20 = $100 daily limit

Then continue the same pattern above

This is a proven betting method that has built me a bankroll of over $100,000. I started off with $500 and honestly…I lost that the first week playing because I was choosing the wrong tournaments to play, and the wrong entry amounts. It took me the first 6 months to get a winning pattern down…and since then….I’ve only become a more rounded DFS player.